Non Gmo Defatted Soya Flakes (Toasted)

Ambuja Defatted Soya Flakes (Toasted) is obtained from Soya bean seeds by the process of cracking, dehulling, flaking, extracting, desolventizing, toasting to get a flakes with creamish yellow color.

Ambuja Defatted Soya Flakes (Toasted) is a high protein, low in fat products and is the simplest form of Soya protein. The protein content of the flakes is approx. 50%. The Soya Flakes contains high quality protein & is an excellent source of Iron Calcium & B-Vitamins. The only nutritive & functional protein is fully fat proof and its use in fortification of cereals.

The Ambuja Defatted Soya Flakes (Toasted) maintain the balance of essential amino Acid of the body and used in As a raw material for making Soya sauce. Fortification in Food & Pharmaceutical preparations, Weaning Foods.Calf Milk Replacement, Drink Mixes, Meat Sausages and Fermentation Media. Nutrient Carrier for Flavours and Vitamins & Imparts functional characteristics like emulsification, thickening, dispersibility & water binding.

Parameters Specifications
Protein (N X 6.25) 50%min
Moisture 07-10%Max
Fat 1.20% Max
Ash 6.50%Max
Crude Fiber 2.50 4.00% Max
Sand & Silica 0.40%Max
Urease Activity \Min at 30°C 0.05 -0.20 Mgn/g
P.D.I. 20-35% Min
Microbial Analysis
Total Plate Count / g 50,000
Coliforms / g 10 Max
E.Coli. /g E.Coli. /g
Yeast & Moulds /g 100 Max
Salmonella / 25 g Absent

50 Kg HDPE bags with inner Liner of LDPE, 500 Kg Jumbo Bags, 1MT (1000 Kg) Jumbo bags and Container Liner Bags.