Six Uses of Corn: Some You Know, Some May Surprise You!

uses of corn

Corn, (Zea mays), also called Indian corn or maize is a grain — specifically a grass — within the Family Poaceae, which also includes other economically important grasses such as wheat, oats, sorghum, and rye. The Indian strand of corn is highly versatile and widely used across the country for a variety of commercial, industrial and at-home uses. 

Besides the obvious uses of corn (popcorns, corn on the cob, etc.), it is used to create some important ingredients as well. Here are 6 uses for corn, some you might know and some you might not.


Corn starch, also known as maize starch, is produced by of corn wet milling processing. It is basically created from of the endosperm of corn. Cornstarch is versatile, easily modified, and has many uses in the industry such as adhesives, in paper products, as an anti-sticking agent, and textile manufacturing as a thickener in food as well as beverages. It has medical uses as well.

2.Liquid glucose

Liquid glucose also is known as, corn syrup,  is made from corn starch. It’s used primarily as a sweetener in beverages and food. Liquid glucose is obtained when corn starch is combined with enzymes to break down the chains into glucose or sugars. Liquid glucose comes in many forms and each one has a different use depending on how many total solids (Brix) are present.

3. Liquid Sorbitol 70% Solution

Sorbitol, a polyol also know as sugar alcohol or D- glucitol, is a bulk sweetener and can be used as a substitute for sucrose and meets organoleptic (sweetening) and dietetic requirements (sugar-free, low-calorie, non-cariogenic) and may be advised for diabetics. Sorbitol is majorly being used in mouthwash and toothpaste. It is also often used in modern cosmetics as a humectant and thickener.  In Pharmaceuticals, it is used as an excipient for pan-coating and in biopharmaceutical application as protein stabilizers and as an excipient for injectable dosage forms


Corn steep liquor is a by-product of the process needed to separate different components of corn. It consists of acids, yeast, nitrogen, and acids. Corn steep liquor is, in fact, a waste product created when manufacturing corn starch. Its use allows for penicillin to be produced in far greater quantities.

5.Corn meal

To get corn meal, you simply grind the whole corn. Different grades of corn meal have different names, and these are produced with different refining procedures. For example, the coarsest corn meal is known as grits and is used for corn flakes (a popular breakfast item).

6.Corn oil

Corn oil is the last corn by-product on our list, and it’s highly useful. To get corn oil, you essentially press corn germ, which is a part of corn.  There are many health benefits to coin oil, it is widely used for many purposes such as hair care, skin care, as well as a cooking oil, etc.

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