Bakery Shortening

Bakery shortening or emulsifier-type shortening is hydrogenated shortening to which an emulsifying agent has been added. This gives the shortening an exceptional ability to blend with other ingredients.

Ambuja bakery shortenings are most suitable for the bakery and confectionery products such as all type of biscuits, chocolates, crackers, cookies, soft and spongy cakes, Danish and puff pastries, pie crusts, toast & kharis, bread & rolls, doughnuts, potato chips, wafers, cream icings, and instant food products.

Ambuja bakery shortenings can also be supplied in the bulk insulated road tankers in the form of liquid to save the cost of packing material.

15 Kg Box
Also Available in loose for industrial use

Total capacity: 50 MT/Day

Division: Agro

Plant location: Kadi

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