High Maltose Syrup

High-maltose corn syrup is a food additive used as a sweetener and preservative. The majority sugar maltose. It is less sweet than high-fructose corn syrup and contains little to no fructose. It is sweet enough to be useful as a sweetener in commercial food production, however. To be given the label “high”, the syrup must contain at least 50% maltose. Typically, it contains 40–50% maltose, though some have as high as 70%.

By using β-amylase or fungal α-amylase, glucose syrups containing over 50% maltose, or even over 70% maltose (extra-high-maltose syrup) can be produced. This is possible because these enzymes remove two glucose units, that is, one maltose molecule at a time from the end of the starch molecule.

High-maltose glucose syrup is used as a substitute for normal glucose syrup in the production of hard candy,at a given moisture level and temperature, a maltose solution has a lower viscosity than a glucose solution, but will still set to a hard product. Maltose is also less humectant than glucose, so that candy produced with high-maltose syrup will not become sticky as easily as candy produced with a standard glucose syrup.

Since maltose has a low freezing point, HMCS is useful in frozen desserts. It is also used in brewing, because it has a balanced ferment ability, can be added at high concentrations to the wort kettle, increasing throughput, and reduces haze caused by varying malt quality. Another of HMCS’s uses is to preserve food. HMCS preserves food by inhibiting fermentation and bacterial growth.

High Maltose Syrup
characteristics Minimum Maximum Method
Appearance Colorless to high yellow colored syrupo Colorless to high yellow colored syrupo Visual
Dextrose Exuivalent / DE 40.0 46.0 Lane and Eynon
Maltose % in DS Basis 40.0 48.0 HPCL
Brix°C at 250°C 78.0 84.0 Refractometer
SO2 PPM 200 PPM 400 PPM Iodine Titration
Sulphated Ash 0.1 0.3 Furnace
Ph of (1:1 Aqueous Solution) at 25°C 4.0 6.0 pH Meter
Arsenic PPM 1.0 Max IP Method
Heavy Metals (Lead PPM) 1.0 Max IP Method
Total Plate Count 2500 cfu/gm Max Plate Method
Yeasts & Moulds 100/gm Max Plate Method
E.Coil Absent/10 gm Plate Method
Salmonella Absent/25 gm Plate Method

In 300 kgs HM HDPE barrels, ISo Tanks, Flexi Tanks & 1 MT IBC

2 years