Non Gmo Defatted Soya Flour (Toasted)

The Non GMO De-fatted Soya Flour (Toasted) produced at GUJARAT AMBUJA is obtained from Soya bean seeds by processing it through various stages of cracking, de hulling, flaking, extracting, de-solventizing, toasting and grinding it in a pneumatic mill, to requisite particle size, to get a fine powder of creamy yellow colour.

Non GMO De-fatted Soya Flour (Toasted) is a high protein, low fat product and is the simplest form of Soya protein. The protein content of the flour manufactured by GUJARAT AMBUJA is 50% Min. It contains high quality protein and is an excellent source of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin B. It is the only nutritive and functional protein, which is used in the fortification of cereals.