Non Gmo Soya Granules & Soya Nuggets (TVP)

Textured or texturized vegetable protein (TVP), also known as textured soy protein (TSP), soy meat, or soya meat, it is also Known as meat analogue.

NON GMO Soya TVP is manufactured using Defatted Soya Flour. The manufacturing of Soya TVP consists of Seed cleaning, Dehulling, Oil extraction followed by pulverization and extrusion. It’s higher protein content and similar texture resembles meat and used as a meat replacer and can substitute in meat due to lower cost in comparison with meat and also source of protein and its better nutritional values.

  • Soya TVP can be used in meat and meat based products. These are used in several meat foods, such as banger, pork luncheon meat and sausage.
  • Used in Soups, Ground meat, stuffing, sausages, vegetarian products and meatloaf etc.
  • TVP is also used as a low cost / high nutrition extender in comminuted meat and poultry products, and in tuna salads. It is often used as rich protein source.
  • Steamed stuffed bun, mincemeat and dumpling, helpful in increasing their taste.
  • TVP is often used in prisons and schools, as well as for disaster preparedness.
  • Instant food products.
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