Soyabean Meal

Soyabean Meal manufactured by Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited is free flowing, coarse and granular. It is produced from cleaned, Non GMO Soya beans, after a series of preparatory physical processes, followed by a multistage extraction of Oil. All of this is, in a highly sophisticated, hygienically controlled plant.

Normal Soyabean Meal is lower in protein compared to De hulled Soyabean Meal as the hulls standardize the Crude Protein level to range between 46-48%. However the Crude Protein in De-hulled Soyabean Meal ranges from 48% onwards. Soyabean Meal has a higher energy value compared with other protein sources. The amino acids in Soyabean Meal are highly digestible compared to other protein sources of plant origin. The Solubility Index of Soyabean Meal is 80-85%

The higher protein, energy and lower fiber content of Soyabean meal allow nutritionists to formulate higher-energy diets that are more efficient in the conversion of feed to meat.

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