Vanaspati Ghee

Ambuja Vanaspati(dalda) Ghee is manufactured by controlled hydrogenation of permitted vegetable oils, followed by neutralization, bleaching, deodorization and blending with Vitamins and Sesame Oil. It is a Uniform Solid Product as required in the market.

Ambuja Vanaspati Ghee is manufactured in a modern multistage, hygienically controlled plant, under constant technical supervision.

Ambuja Vanaspati Ghee is white, bland in taste and odorless. It has a tempting granules. Vanaspati Ghee manufactured by GUJARAT AMBUJA is also available in Brands known as Happy and Triveni.

Total capacity: 2200 MT/Day
Division: Agro
Plant location: Pithampur, Akola, Mandsaur
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