Vanaspati Ghee

Ambuja Vanaspati Ghee is manufactured by controlled hydrogenation of permitted vegetable oils, followed by neutralization, bleaching, deodorization and blending with Vitamins and Sesame Oil. It is a Uniform Solid Product as required in the market.

Ambuja Vanaspati Ghee is manufactured in a modern multistage, hygienically controlled plant, under constant technical supervision.

Ambuja Vanaspati Ghee is white, bland in taste and odourless. It has tempting granules. Vanaspati Ghee manufactured by GUJARAT AMBUJA is also available in Brands known as Happy and Triveni.

Ambuja Vanaspati Ghee is used in most Indian Kitchens as the best cooking medium for Deep Frying, Sauteing and making Sweets, widely used by hoteliers and preferred by Chefs. It enhances taste in Biryani, Samosas, and Puris. It helps to increase the shelf life of Deep Fried Products.

Ambuja Bakery Fats & Speciality Fats are best for Biscuit & Bread Manufacturing, Also used by Industrial users for manufacturing Puffs, Khaari, Nankhatais, Cakes, Sweets and Ice cream.

Parameters Specifications
FFA % (As Oleic Acid) 0.25% Max
Odour/ Taste Odourless / Bland
Appearance White granules
Contamination Free from any foreign matter
Adulteration Free from all non edible
Nikl Content (ppm) 1.5 Max.

15 Kg Tins, 15 Litre Tins, 15 Kg Jar, 15 Lit Jar, 1 Litre Pouch, 500 ml Pouch.